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Ryma Prost-Romand, Chef and founder of Mama Trøtter. A graduate of the Paul Bocuse Institute and holder of the Cap de cuisine, she is greedy and passionate about spices. On a daily basis, she cooks Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. His travels take place in the kitchens of others. She likes to share the preparation of food. She loves meetings in the kitchen, spices that wake up, cream that caresses, wine that reveals, …



With her 100% reasoned menus whose ingredients come from the neighboring countryside, Mama Trøtter favors the local and short circuits and caters to all appetites – carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, but also gluten-free or lactose-free… At the table, on the terrace, in a cozy and traveling setting, to take away or for delivery, the products, fresh and seasonal, are cooked on site, transformed into delicious savory or sweet recipes.
If our cuisine is tasty, tasty, spicy, colorful, it is no less environmentally responsible. Pleasant and respectful cooking, most chefs have now understood that they have a role and a duty of responsibility.
Thanks to composting , our organic waste generated by our kitchen and not used is composted, we are the 1st restaurant to use vermicomposting. You can get compost “tea” from our team for your garden or plants.
We favor short circuits by sourcing from local producers, seasonal and fresh products but also realizations (honey, wines, etc.) produced in the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes region. Local and organic products constitute real market cuisine.
The originality of our cuisine is reflected in these local and organic circuits, which also makes us adaptable.

The place

Here, you can eat, take out, taste, stop, discuss, discover, meet, meet, taste, rediscover, revel in, or just come and see and review, because over the weeks: it’s different.

The restaurant is located in the historic center of Vienna, it is dressed with stone walls and French ceilings. Warm and cosmopolitan at the same time, the dishes have flavors from all over the world. Everything is cooked according to the seasons. The place is friendly and where you eat well, good and healthy. This place feels good.

Labels :

Mama Trøtter & amp; Cie which is a shared store. This welcomes Artisans du Monde and local creators. It is a way of making the link between the local, the sustainable and international solidarity.

Network and partners

Vegetables :

Potager d’Olivier en bio installé à Pélussin

– Les jardins de Corneyzin, agriculture raisonnée à Saint-Prim (38448)

Honey :

 – Gaec Nicolas Guntini , Porte-des-Bonnevaux (38260)

Oils :

 – SARL HOVE huiles bio du bassin méditerranéen

Cheese :

 – Gaec des chataigniers à Pélussin (42410)

0 waste :

 – Mademoiselle 0 déchet à Pélussin (42410) / Florence Thomas

Wines :

 – Stéphanie Olmetta/Corse, Yann Palais/Roanne, Le Loup Bleu/Puyloubier, Sophie Eymin /Seyssuel, Yves Ganglof/Condrieu, etc…