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“Faced with the persistent problem of the quality of the canteen service of“ — ”where my children are educated, I searched for several years for viable alternatives to allow my children to eat well at noon, knowing that their school has always refused that I prepare meals for them myself to consume on the spot. But isn’t food what feeds our brain and more generally the functioning of our whole body? “Let your food be your only medicine” said Hippocrates long ago.
However, given the age of my children, 12 years old for my daughter and only 8 years old for my son, it was difficult to find a satisfactory solution: it is not reassuring for parents to imagine their children wandering alone in the city !
So I went to meet Ryma a year ago to talk to her about my problem and try to find a solution together. She then set up a project with enthusiasm and efficiency and since then everyone is satisfied.
My children feast every lunchtime in his restaurant with high quality food, based on organic ingredients of choice, in season, from local producers, which helps support local economic activity while promoting before a welcome environmental approach. My children are raving about Mama Trotter’s original and varied menus, which literally showcase the flavors and often invite you to travel. This gives them a nice continuity with the food spirit they know at home, and pleasantly develops their palate, well beyond what a canteen can offer, even in the best of circumstances.
This formula also allows them to benefit only a few tens of meters from their school of a real break time at noon, in a quiet space and in a friendly and benevolent atmosphere, so that they can then tackle their afternoon. of work serenely, in the best conditions.
For my part, I am reassured, I know them in a safe place and “pampered” at Mama Trotter’s. Ryma, in addition to being a great cook, has incredible human qualities to share and pass on!